RedBlock is an experimental blockchain based on BSHA3 which is based off Bitcoin. Almost all instances of SHA256, a prominent algorithm throughout Bitcoin, are replaced with SHA3-256.

RedBlock is a fork of the first SHA3-256 blockchain BSHA3. BSHA3 has been moved to the graveyard. RedBlock aims to pick up where it left off. RedBlock is new blockchain but shares the same genesis block. RedBlock forks at block 1 to create a completely new blockchain. RedBlock also has a different blocktime and a max supply of only 10,515 coins. RedBlock does not have a premine and will never have a developer fee.

BSHA3 genesis block has a timestamp of 1540053565, Saturday Oct 20, 2018 

REDB chain, block 1 has a timestamp of 1697668018Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

The SHA3-256 (sha3d) algorithm, marked a significant advancement in cryptographic security and efficiency. RedBlock recognizes the accomplishments of this and seeks to build upon this foundation by addressing areas of improvement and incorporating new innovations.

Our plan is to develop a strong, robust, and useful blockchain. Fancy websites and false promises are not what we will be about. As we grow, we look forward to community involvement in developing our look and feel. 

We are often told "that's impossible"

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it.

Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion.

Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare.

Impossible is potential.

Impossible is temporary.


Come join our community, grow with us and let's make the impossible, possible! 


Ticker: REDB

Max Supply: 10,515 

Premine: ZERO

Dev Fee: ZERO

Block Time: 60 seconds

Block Reward: 0.01 REDB

Mining Algorithm: SHA3d

Reward Reduction: Halving every 525,600 blocks (1 year)

Mining: CPU, GPU, FPGA


October 2023

November-December 2023

Q1 2024


Q2 2024